Automagically convert your DigitalOcean usage into
freshly-planted trees

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Help us to grow our forest and reduce carbon.

Simple Setup

Sign in with DigitalOcean to pull through how many droplets you use. We then suggest a proportionate number of trees to plant (or you can select the number yourself). Automatically pay through Stripe and see your donation converted into newly-planted trees.

Cancel any time

You can cancel your automatic exchanges any time through Tree Exchange.

Feel good

Each month, we'll send you an email letting you know your tree contribution and we'll celebrate the big milestones together.

Go green

Planting trees is a fantastic way to care for our world. We're using the gold-standard Ecologi to make it all happen.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Join Us Today

Whether you use DigitalOcean for personal or business use, let's put those droplets to good use. Spend a proportionate amount of your server costs planting trees. Join the tree planting revolution with us.

How is it calculated?

We calculate the number of trees depending on the size of each of your droplets. For example, for a droplet up to $40 we add 20 trees. For a droplet that costs more than $40 and up to $80 we will add 30 trees, and so on.

The final number of trees will be the sum of all of these. If you're not happy with the result, you can change this number before checkout. (An administration cost of 3 pence is added to each tree to cover processing costs.)


£0.15 GBP

Per tree

Minimum 20 trees (£3 /mo)

Frequently asked questions

Who is planting the trees?
We are using Ecologi to plant the trees that make up our Tree Exchange forest. Ecologi make sure each tree is planted and recorded.
Where can I see the impact?
Alongside your celebratory Tree Exchange emails, you can head over to our Tree Exchange forest to see our collective impact on the planet. You can view the Ecologi impact ledger, showing tree receipts and offset certificates here.
Can I increase the number of trees I plant?
Yes, you can! You can change it before checkout. Or, if you're already subscribed, you can go to your profile to access the billing portal where you can update the quantity.
How do I stop my monthly exchanges?
Go to your profile and access the billing portal where you can find the option to cancel.